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LED lighting is a multi-billion dollar market with global penetration. People simply love colored lights in all shapes and forms. LED lights galvanize attention in a fashion that most tech companies dream of.


Unfortunately most lights fall into the two categories: 1) They are expensive professional DMX lights which require a large investment and significant training to use. 2) They are cheap lights with limited, unimaginative patterns which cannot be synchronized between multiple lights.

A search for "multi-color LED lights" or "addressable LED lights" on Amazon will yield thousands of results, but it is not possible to make any of these lights work together seamlessly. Until now.

Alien Lights brought together a system of hardware, software, connectors, and adaptors which allows us to control essentially any of these lights so that customers can build the LED lighting system of their dreams. We are combining "the best, of the best, of the best" and taking an opinionated approach to a seemingly open ended topic which is the hobby space for LED lighting. 


Alien Lights can be easily installed anywhere from houses, to events, backyards, festivals, trucks, boats, motorcycles, UTVs -- you name it. The entire system is energy efficient enough to be run on consumer grade rechargeable batteries for an entire night. The amount of applications for Alien Lights is absolutely disruptive.

This is made possible by the Alien Lights Drone, Alien Lights Mothership, and Alien Lights Nexus -- which together store and deliver the configuration or "hack" for any brand or custom made LED art piece.

This also allows us to easily demonstrate to suppliers what their product will look like if they partner with Alien Lights. Suppliers need only send one sample of their product in to the Alien Lights workshop and our engineers will demonstrate the new capabilities of the light to the supplier. 


If both parties love the result, our engineers will work with the supplier to embed our controller into the light. The supplier is easily able to outsource this complex software and network engineering to Alien Lights, and this opens up completely new possibilities for their entire product line with a minimum amount of time and investment. Their product can now seamlessly integrate with all other products sold on Utilizing this strategy Alien Lights has the potential to rapidly build partnerships across the LED lighting space.

This concept also extends to gig economy workers. What if you could make beautiful sound reactive art instead of driving for Lift or Uber? Try this out: Go to your local Goodwill or a yard sale and look for anything that can hold an LED strip. Maybe its a clock, or an old picture frame, or an antique lamp. These items have the potential to be up-cycled into one-of-a-kind sound reactive LED art. 

Alien Lights is making it possible for ANYONE to be come a lighting artist and to MAKE MONEY DOING IT! This is a beautiful form of up-cycling, and it also addresses the simple fact that mass produced LED lighting props are typically extremely cheap plastic garbage. It does not look good in your home, or in a club, or at your party -- and it will usually end up in the trash. One-of-a-kind LED art is not going to end up in the trash so easily and we aim to provide a path to resell art on

LED lighting has been huge in the hobbiest space for years but the barriers to entry remain too high for the average person. Alien Lights is making a system which is so easy a child can use it, yet flexible, expandable, and deep enough to be used in professional and mission critical applications. Just like the best video games, Alien Lights is easy to pick up yet can never be mastered. 

Finally, lets talk about underlying technology. The internet of things is here and there are huge opportunities everywhere. Fundamentally Alien Lights is securely delivering custom firmware and control signals over-the-air to potentially millions of completely reprogrammable endpoints distributed across distinctly separate networks across the world. This capability is very complex to implement and has huge enterprise potential (PaaS anyone!?)

Sound exciting?

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